Tell your story and make money

Publish your tours on Walking Tour 
and earn with every tour you sell

Tell your story and make money

Publish your tours on Walking Tour 
and earn with every tour you sell

Walking Tour Guide

many reasons to start now

Your tour, your content

Publish the tour you want, in the way you want, and always have full control over your tour

Reach new customers

Open 24/7 and don’t miss customers
when you are not available

Get rewarded

Expand your customer base and earn 50% of your tour profit on every tour sold 

How to begin

Step 1

Create your account

Create an account as a guide. We don’t need much information from you. Just fill your name and some information about you.

Tour Creation Process Step 1
Tour Creation Process Step 2
Step 2

Create a walking tour

Here we go. Create your first walking tour. Setup the language, city, price and description of your tour. Upload preview pictures so customers know what they will see.

Step 3

Tell your story

Create the waypoints of your tour and link media. The more information and assets you provide, the more professional your tour will be.

Tour Creation Process Step 3
Tour Creation Process Step 4
Step 4

Publish your tour

Submit your tour to the Walking Tour app. Our team will publish the tour after a quick review. After approval, your tour will be available to customers of 146 countries. You can apply changes to your tour content every time you want.

We help you

Are you an excellent storyteller? A fantastic guide? We help you if you need support publishing your tour. We create media assets like audio, video, and images, and augmented reality scenes.

Walking Tour Support
Our team helps you in creating compelling tours


Can I earn money with my tours?

We are splitting the net profit of a tour. That means that VAT, payment processing fees, and marketing fees are subtracted from the retail price. The remaining par will be split evenly between you and Walking Tour.

Can I set the retail price?

You are fully responsible for the content and the pricing of your tour. Any changes to your tour immediately apply to customers. 

How much money can I earn?

That depends on your sales and marketing strategy. You can increase your revenue by marketing your new digital offer on Instagram, Facebook, or your website.

How do i publish new tours?

You can publish a tour after you have registered as a guide. Just drop us a line where you want to offer a tour, and we will give you your credentials for the tour creator.

Can I change a tour after publishing?

Tours that are published can be changed at any time. You can edit media files, points of interest, the order of the tour, and the price. 

What languages do you offer?

Currently, we support English, Chinese, and German as languages for our app.


Walking Tour is globally available in the App stores of Google and Apple. Currently, tours can only be offered in Germany but we are extending our markets shortly. Please reach out to us. 

What happens with my intellectual property?

Your entire tour and media files belong to you, and you have complete control. If you want to take your tour offline, you can do that every time. For selling your tour, it is required that you license your content to Walking Tour. 

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